Height Adjustable Desks

Reasons to Choose Sit-Stand / Height Adjustable Desks

  • The Human body is not designed to sit for long periods
  • Remaining seated for long periods can cause or exacerbate back and neck pain or discomfort
  • Sit-Stand desks give height adjustment flexibility for multi-user or shared desks
  • Easy (by electric motor) height adjustment make desks ideal for tall or short people as well as wheelchair users

Benefits of Electric Height Adjustable Desks

  • Changing working position regularly helps to prevent back problems
  • Allows different sets of muscles to be used
  • Reduce build up fatigue
  • Allows spinal discs to compress and decompress allowing nutrition to disc
  • Reduce muscle pressure and allows better blood circulation
  • Improves concentration and efficiency
  • Advantageous for groups sharing workstation “hot desking”
  • Raising the desk top makes installation of cables easier
  • Lowering the desk top allows relocation; fully assembled desks can be moved through doorways

Negative effects of prolonged sitting

  • Slackening of abdominal muscles
  • Aching of back hence strain on bones, joints and ligaments
  • Build-up of fatigue due to restricted Oxygen supply to muscles
  • Damage to inter-vertebral discs due to reduced nutrition

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